Dad and I just wanted to send you a note expressing how much fun we had on our ride yesterday with Carl. He was full of interesting stories and facts about the national forest and made our ride an adventure! It was clear we were riding with an expert and that he took our safety as a priority and made the day so much fun. A great guy! We have already recommended your establishment to some people we met last night and will continue to spread the word! Looking forward to seeing you next March ... and possibly this November with a good friend of mine who would love one of the rides.
... Meg and Pat

Thank you for contributing to my fantastic vacation in AZ. I was fortunate to have joined your "Church of Patty" ladies group on Sunday 10/10/10. It was so nice to meet your friends & neighbors, which made me feel like I was one of the "regular gals." Eating lunch at the Tonto Bar & Grill was fun too. I learned and enjoyed some interesting gossip.
... A satisfied customer

Chris and I had a great time. Thanks for the off road and off trail experience. I had a blast.
... Dave

Patty, Thank you for a great Moonlight ride last night, and especially for the bonfire and drinks after the ride. It's not often we get to participate in an extraordinary event like that. Listening to other members of the club, your rides are always enjoyed and appreciated. Thanks also for letting me ride Willy ... I like riding him, maybe because we are both stubborn.
... John Driscoll - Sun City Saddle Club

Rides to remember all year. Please tell the owners of Dakota how happy I was to ride her--perfect behavior, strong, willing, comfortable. See you in a year or sooner if you visit NYC!
... Barbara

First, thanks for a first-rate, really delightful trail ride. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2-hour ride with Carl and his grandkids last Wednesday. It was sooo nice not to have to school a horse the whole ride; just settle in on my mare and follow Treasure in front of me. No loose saddles. No improper adjustment on stirrups. No riding on pavement. Just lots of relaxation. Your ranch is the third one I have ridden with, and I have to say you have the best horses, trails, wranglers, etc. I am already looking forward to becoming a repeat customer!
... Bob

My wife Clare and I have enjoyed trail rides a whole lot with your excellent wranglers over the the past couple of years. Last year we did a couple of rides including an extended sunset ride, I think it was ~3 hours deeper into the national park. We are dedicated fans of your ranch, drove from Sedona last year to ride there.
... Paul Paget

We just had one of our best "family experience yet" The kids had more fun than they thought they would and they both LOVED you! You have a talent with kids and I noticed the minute i met you. I used to be an elementary teacher and can smell a good "educator" a mile away. I'm so glad you decided to guide our ride it made it 1million times better. We'll be back for sure.
... Heidi Ashworth

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Getting Here
We offer horseback rides near Scottsdale in the town of Cave Creek / Carefree. Follow Cave Creek Road north from Phoenix, past Carefree Highway almost two miles and just as the road begins to head East, Spur Cross Road will be on your left; take it North four miles through all the curves and dips. The pavement ends right at the driveway to the ranch.